Hi, my name is Elena
The only thing I enjoy more than talking about food is cooking Asian food.

At the university, I trained as a Chinese translator, and after completing my bachelor's degree, I entered a Chinese university for a master's degree.

I lived and worked in China for 12 years and studied Asian cooking at the same time. At first, cooking was my favorite hobby. But over time, I realized that this is an integral part of my life. The cooking process is a real meditation and inspiration for me.

Now I live in America and I want to popularize and inspire people not only with Asian cuisine, but also with my native Far Eastern cuisine, which has integrated with Asian cuisine due to its geographical location.

Many people show interest in my posts, recipes for Asian cuisine and ask for advice. This is what prompted me to write the first guide "A Culinary Guide for Asian Cuisine Lovers". It is very important for me to convey the idea of the recipe in a simplified form, so that everyone can cook something tasty on their own, regardless of skill level.

«A Culinary Guide for Lovers of Asian Cuisine»
The guide includes a brief description of 4 Asian cuisines: Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Russian, Far Eastern

26 step-by-step recipes and origin story, including descriptions of special ingredients

As a bonus — my recommendations for each recipe

Japan food
Korean food
Chinese food
Far East of Russia
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Dalian, North China
Guangzhou, South China
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